Consult4HealthXP is a Healthcare Company that aggregates critical Healthcare Products and Services to provide cost-effective Healthcare and Wellness Programs.

We have an unique and patented blood collection device for collecting and transporting blood samples to a lab without the need of special handling or packaging.

Our main product currently provided is the Dry Blood Card Collection Kit that contains a dry blood spot collection card that has been in use since 2014. Our dry blood collection card is being used daily by some of the largest labs in the US; it is a Class 1 medical transport device that allows whole blood collection and provides easy transportation without the need for refrigeration or special handling other than what is provided in the Kit.

Currently, our primary focus is expanding the availability of the Dry Blood Card Collection Kit to provide access to necessary blood assays in a new, easy, and convenient way.

“A combination of science, data analytics, technology, and innovation. Delivering good medicine through a superior position in the blood testing market.”

Our Non-Invasive Dry Blood Card Collection Kit enables simple finger prick blood collection. The most affordable way to take “the lab” to the masses! Our Dry Blood Spot Collection technology can run over 53 Blood Assays.

We currently have developed assays for most of the routine Clinical Chemistry tests, Hormones, Allergy testing, STD’s (HIV, Syphilis, & Herpes), COVID-19 antibodies, and have research and development in process for DNA and RNA extraction and analysis